Caine Tully

The group have been working towards creating an online platform named CSMFINEART.TV via the website cargo & a broadcasting channel which will host all participants videos in differing streams, dependant on their subject theme & aesthetic of work. Some will be looped some will be live streamed. There isn’t a limit on how many can be displayed or participate due to being able to diverge them from one host website to a multifaceted broadcasting platformThis is a viable platform that has the intent to be used in the lead up to the final end of year show as a host platform for all year groups video streams and will specifically beneficial if in the final year show covid restrictions still apply. But also incredibly beneficial as an independent online presence of all fine art year groups film work.This will essentially be being developed in open studios as a roll out for the final year show which is why we are asking for funding as part of open studios.This with test any fallouts or improvements that need to be made following through to the final end of year show.

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