030 Anti-Degree Show

Jessica Reeves

The Anti-Degree Show project has been formed out of a call out for artists interested in art world accessibility and institutional critique (e.g. comparing models of education & exhibition), which will lead to a show at the TOMA Project Space in Southend, Essex starting in October, with the option of staying open for a number of months.The exhibition will react to the specific local audience of the TOMA Project Space, which is located in a shopping centre next to Poundland and opposite Card Factory, in a working class area where many visitors will be passers by who are out shopping. TOMA is interested in exhibitions that appeal to wide audiences and eliminate fine art hierarchies and prestige, so this ethos will be closely considered in the digital showcase and organisation of the physical show.As a group, we will decide how is the exhibition relevant to the public of Southend?, as a town outside of London with an audience that is non-typical of degree shows and exhibitions in general. For example, this may be that we collaborate with a BA Fine Art course at a university local to Southend, forming a project which is cross-institutional and continues collaboration post-graduation.

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