025 Might arrive

Julia Tröscher, Ruoru Mou, Isaac De Reza, Hazel Tomlinson, Sam Watkins

A group show that happened between 16th and 18th of June 2021, at Safehouse 1 in Peckham, London. With works of Ruoru Mou, Isaac De Reza, Hazel Tomlinson, Julia Tröscher and Sam Watkins.








A hallway is walked through, seeing age rampant and shadowless it is everywhere. The breeze is on your back as the kitchen door is swung open and below those window panes, pages of an open book flutters. The heavy smell of stew rises out of the door, the spiced air turning to water with the smell touching sleeping nostrils in the bed of an individual with weary hands. There’s some laughter that’s disappearing into a warm afterglow on the sofa as a bad horror film plays out of the telly. There’s the folded paper with the words read on the toilet as the shit falls out specifying “No toilet roll.”; this is the same song played over and over again. Watch out! That’s the broken bit of glass stuck in the floorboards waiting for someones special fingers and there, just there, might be the small bit of soil wiped on the carpet that’s been here 5 years, 70 years or maybe even a millennia. There’s the spot where they got violent, twice. There, is 2 whole minutes of tenderness, warm. Take a seat and listen. Here at the table, eaten at, argued over, tears falling down faces about broccoli or politics, joy… maybe just boredom. Can you hear it? You are the guest that might arrive and see all of this, understanding the difference between a house and a home, staying and going. Maybe your eyes can verify? Objectify. Or probably not actually. Forget it. // Might Arrive advocates the maybes, the perhaps, the prediction more than the finalisation. Formatting the artworks as an anecdote about to happen we hope to toe the line between the curiosity of a show, the futurity of the attempt and the failure of the reveal. We ask what the spectacle in the gallery means and question the temporal causality of the subject to the spectator. We will obscure, unveil, and reconfigure. ————————————————————————————————————————






Sam Watkins, Haunt, 2021
Mixed media/ ghosts/ words
Hazel Tomlinson, Untitled, 2021
Jesmonite, heat elements, steel, wood

Ruoru Mou, your claws are now tamed, 2020
Glazed ceramics, jesmonite, bonsai wire, steel, driftwood
Julia Tröscher, Dialogue Love Suspended in Us and Earth, 2021
Soil, mixed media
Ruoru Mou, Becoming a Crane, 2021
Moving image, 25m
Hazel Tomlinson, Wall to Wall Cat Flap, 2020-21
Moving image, 8m25sec
Isaac de Reza, Absolventenausstellung, 2021
Ultraviolet print, spray and oil paint on canvas, table stand

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