024 virtually ARt

Bea Taylor Searle, Alice Bajaj, Catherine Rose Lavender, John Moffatt, Julia Tröscher, Joshanne Dar, Saeideh Amirian

Virtually ARt is a Gallery concept unhindered by geography, economics, or
the sanitized confines of the previous generation of gallery spaces: Seeking
out new ways of curating, experiencing, and interacting with contemporary
artists and their practices.
In this post-covid world, many of us are revaluating the implications of a life
lived in the rat race, as the dramatic changes we have experienced in home
and work life continue to reverberate around us. No longer is it seen as
inevitable, that life should be dictated by old ways of thinking – our homes,
gardens, parks, and many other spaces, became our studios, offices, and
workplaces, and now, our Galleries.
We begin this journey with our first Virtually ARt event here in the Lethaby
Gallery, July 2021, presenting graduating students Bea Taylor-Searle, John
Moffatt, Alice Bajaj, Joshanne Dar, Julia Tröscher, Saeideh Amirian &
Catherine Rose Lavender from Central Saint Martins BA Fine Art class of
In September 2021 we will be launching our second event along with the
official apps. For exclusive access to this event, you can download the pre-
Alpha app from our website onto your Android device (iOS not supported
for this version) or join the mailing list to be notified when to download it
from your app store.

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