022 placeholderPrint

Grace Taylor - Maya Fineberg , - Olivia Fairbairn - Charlie Ford - Zoe Horne - Dain Jeong - Tooey Jones - Rose McHugh - Kaius Mowbray - Friedrich Mueller - Gwen Sion - Mia Stoces-Brown - Sam Watkins

Placeholder print is a platform housing work that exists within the space of the ‘page’. Paper, text, binding, printing, publishing are themes that are situated within our space for fragmented work, quiet engagement and reading.

placeholderPrint is a publishing-based collective, driven out of a desire for quieter engagement and exhibition.

On the 7th & 8th of June 2021, placeholderPrint hosted an experimental publishing workshop at CSM with PageMasters, South London based Risograph printing specialists, and generous support from CSM Riso and Digital Print. Joined by students from BA Fine Art and BA Graphic Communication Design, we used this time as an opportunity to explore new avenues for collaboration within publishing as artistic practice, resulting in the outcome of a printed publication.

placeholderPrint will be launching an online platform in late July, showcasing the work of final year BA Fine Art students who have been working within the medium of publication, over the course of the pandemic.

Additional Event
022 placeholderPrint anthology workshop 2021 1 Jan - 1 Jan
'The bookness of the book'- placeholderPrint will be hosting a two day workshop with guest speakers in which a physical anthology is produced.