011 Autobiographical Narratives

Dain Jeong, Catherine Chetvergova, Jordan Chan, Isabel Reed, Alice Bajaj, Simon Rai

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A collective autobiographical zine that contains our individual characteristic narratives from dreams, memories and conversations. The Autobiographical Narratives connects each one of our experiences with one another especially during the COVID-19 era.

Dain Jeong, Lethaby Gallery, July 11
Simon Rai, Granary Square, July 11
Simon Rai, Canopy Market, July 11
Zine distribution to the public, Granary Square, July 11
Simon Rai, Dain Jeong, Lethaby Gallery, July 11

On July 11, 13.30-14.00, Our team distributed our autobiographical zines to the public. (Masks were on)

We have received some donation from the public

6 individual zines

From left to right: Dain Jeong ‘Objective’, Simon Rai, ‘The city’, Jordan Chan ‘Memory’, Ekatherine Chetvergova ‘ Disappearance’, Isabel Reed ‘Creature’ , Alice Bajaj ‘ Fake’. (These are slightly different to the final copy)

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Dain Jeong @dain.arts dainjeong.ci@gmail.com

Ekatherine Chetvergova @cathartrine chetvergova.katya@gmail.com

Simon Rai @simonrai__ simonrai77@gmail.com

Alice Bajaj @alicebajaj

Jordan Chan @whynotjordan

Isabel Reed

Additional Event
011 Zines distribution 20 Mar - 31 Aug
From 1-3pm, the Autobiographical Narrative team will be distributing the zine publications around Granary Square London N1